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Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your text, page structure, and website layout for the best possible search engine position is a skill that requires a lot of experience. There are many page components that determine your rank among the many thousands of sites with similar themes.


Over the years, search engines have changed as much as the coding language of the pages they index. They have progressed from basic text-indexing robots to complex systems. Today's search engines have advanced features. Some can travel through Flash presentations, read and index PDF files, gather and index images, understand JavaScript, or index sites with HTML frames. Not all search engines have these advanced features.

Some of these indexing systems are operated by humans, while some are not. Some list your site for free, while others charge yearly listing fees in the $ hundreds. Some sell keyword positioning, while others sell advertising space or use click-through campaigns for posting your ad.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

There is no guarantee that your website will rank well in the search engines for the keywords and phrases you feel best represent your site's content. There are a number of different methods used to score sites. These methods change periodically, particularly after some people have abused something that worked well in the past.

Getting a top rank can be something you pay for every year, or it can be the result of careful page construction. If you have not been a student of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can leave it in our hands to create a search-engine-friendly website. We have the experience to get your site spidered and reviewed frequently.

If you already have a site but don't have the traffic you would like, it's time to have your website professionally prepared for today's search engines. Inclusion sometimes takes weeks or months. Our goal remains the same: We want our sites ranked high and we want to keep them there.

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