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Usability & Information Architecture

Have you ever clicked three pages into a website and become hopelessly lost? That was a failure of the site's user interface or its information architecture (IA). We have staff specifically trained in these concepts so that your site's visitors will avoid such frustration. Having a solid IA foundation will make your content easier to find.

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Information Architecture

Connecting your site's visitors with the information they seek is the function of the information architecture. It provides the structure, organization, and framework for your content.

Early in the planning stages, we will analyze how your content should be organized and how much should be presented per page. We will also organize your site's files into an intuitive and manageable hierarchy.

The User Interface

How your visitors interact with your website is determined by its user interface. Our goal is to make your visitors' experience pleasant and informative. A properly designed user interface will facilitate without distracting. When visitors enjoy using your site, they will return — and return visits mean your business will be building stronger relationships with your customers.

Site Navigation

The design of a website's navigation scheme determines how easily visitors can use it. An interactive navigation provides feedback and reinforces the surfing experience. We know where and when to use links, buttons, nav bars, nav columns, or interactive Flash animations to move visitors seamlessly through the various sections of your site.

With careful attention to these principles, we tailor your site's user interface and information architecture to support your message rather than overwhelm or complicate it. Every site we build is carefully evaluated in these critical areas to assure its success.

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