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Graphic Design and Animation

Graphic design and animation greatly influence the look and feel of your website.   Our graphic designers have fine-art backgrounds. Concepts like color balance, composition, and display are things they work with daily. Factors such as these are part of the design process.

Sliders and animations can enhance your site.  Graphics can guide visitors through your site.  A call to action may be enhanced with graphics.   In addition, graphics  can explain concepts. We can guide you to a professional presentation.

Graphics design and image editingImage and Photo Editing

We are perfectionists when it comes to image and photo editing. Our professionals use a 12-step process to enhance every photo on your website. We even zoom in to edit individual pixels for finely detailed corrections.

Photo effects, frames, borders as well as text can enhance your images. Coding effects may alternately engage your users.  In addition, copyright branding will protect your intellectual property.

Our professionals resize, mask, and artistically crop the original images. Adjustments are made to the levels, contrast, hue, saturation, as well as brightness. Filters are applied to blend, sharpen, and augment. Developing unique borders or photo treatments to customize all graphic elements for your entire site unifies your presentation.

Graphic Design and File Optimization

When satisfied with the final images, we choose the best file format on an individual basis. We analyze the needs of your intended audience. Mobile and Retina versions are created for use with iPads and cell phones.  Transparent backgrounds may be used to float graphics in a slide show to engage users.  File size must be optimized for WiFi, in addition to hand-held device connections. At the same time, Favicons  brand your site, and therefore make your bookmark stand out in a favorites list.

ALT tags are used to provide a clear text alternative of the image for screen reader users and search engines. Use of ALT tags are also part of Search Engine Optimization. Read more about SEO here.

Compass Rose a graphic design by one of our specialistsGraphic Design and Corporate Identity

Graphic design can create an identity for your site. Your company logo makes it clear where the site user is.  Similarly, our graphic design professionals infuse the styles of your other marketing materials into your new website to brand your site.

Likewise, if you prefer an updated look, we can help you visualize a whole new direction.

Our designers are highly skilled. They have been using graphics programs for several years. Their level of experience translates into a higher quality of design for your new website. As a result your website graphics will be visually appealing.