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Marketing Strategy on the Internet

marketingMarketing strategy draws new customers to your site.  Effectively marketing your product or services online with consistency  is your key to online success. As a consequence a comprehensive web marketing strategy will attract and engage new prospects.  In order to convert leads into sales you need to utilize your marketing strategy. And of course you must provide information to your current customers.

The leverage of the Internet can quickly multiply your profits. A website gives your company the most possible exposure for the lowest cost. Your visitors can find what they want at any hour of the day or night.

Online marketing can be highly effective and profitable. You cannot afford to devote enough time to master the key strategies before your site becomes viable. Search Engine Optimization, social media, E-Mail marketing, blogs, Analytics and Pay-Per-Click advertising keep you in front of your customers. Online forms help visitors give you the information you need to meet their needs.

Finding Efficient Online Marketing Methods

To figure out how to best present your information you don’t need to become a usability expert. You can rely on the years of experience at Crossroads Publishing. Whether you are a newcomer online or just not getting the results you expected, we can help you find the answers to these questions and more.

Finding the truth about marketing online can be very difficult for the beginner. No doubt testing new marketing methods can be very frustrating. An unprofessional type of presentation can undermine your efforts.

  • Which strategies work and which don’t?
  • How long will people search for what they need from your site?
  • Is your site easy to navigate on a cell phone?
  • How far will they scroll to see the bottom of the page?
  • Is your site laid out in an easy-to-navigate manner?
  • How many clicks will visitors go through to find what they want?

mobile deviceOutdated Internet marketing techniques may have you working hard, but are they producing the results you need? Put the experience and resources of Crossroads Publishing to work today developing an effective marketing plan.

Google AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising tool.  Text and banner advertising campaigns can be created and monitored for your business.  Thousands of people can be exposed to your ads, depending on where you place them, and the search terms used.  Bids on top keywords are sometimes very competitive, even so we can design a campaign to be inexpensive. There’s no contract with Google, you decide on your budget to bring new business to your website.  Some businesses maintain extensive and high-dollar campaigns. With AdWords your site may display at the top of the search page above the organic returns.

If you already have a site but don’t have the traffic you would like, it’s time to have your website professionally prepared for today’s search engines. Inclusion sometimes takes weeks or months. Our goal remains the same: We want our sites ranked high and we want to keep them there.

Social Media

Google shows search returns for blogs and FaceBook pages. In addition Google gives a lot of credit to those who use Google+ as well as You Tube. Tweets are even indexed by Google. Optimizing your local presence fits right into many Social Media platforms.

If you are looking for a company who will give your website personal attention and a thorough examination of what the possibilities are when it comes to search engine optimization of your website, CPW3 is the company to turn to.  Not only do they manage our site pages, but also integrate google ads to keep us on top.  Thank you CPW3!

Beth Walters, Director of Communications, Sun Design, Inc.