Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine OptimizationOptimizing images, text, page structure, and website layout for the best possible Search Engine Optimization is a skill. It requires a lot of experience because there are many components which determine search engine rank. Consequently optimizing your site allows it to stand out among the many thousands of sites with similar themes.

Search engines have changed over time as much as the coding language of the pages they index. They have progressed from basic text-indexing robots to complex systems influenced by many factors. Most of today’s search engines have advanced features. Some can travel through, read and index PDF files, gather and index images, understand JavaScript, or index sites with HTML frames. Your website needs to be friendly to the ability of the search engines, therefore you need to prepare for them.

Grow your business by using the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  You can benefit from the experience we have attained.  Ultimately you want your site to be found at the top of the list of returns and so it can bring more visitors to your site.

Due to Google’s relevance with search returns, it has become the not only the top search engine, but is also a verb.  Google it. We know which search engines share Google’s data, and you will therefore benefit in many returns.

Search Engine Optimization to Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings

There is no guarantee that your website will rank well in the search engines for the keywords and phrases you feel best represent your site’s content. There are hundreds of different methods Google uses to score sites. That being said, utilizing a company to help you employ enough of those methods to achieve your traffic goals is beneficial.  Scoring methods change periodically, particularly after some people have abused something that worked well in the past. Furthermore, Google owns a number of online services and tends to reward their product users with better ranks.

Let us help you get a top rank through careful page construction including Responsive Design, relevancy of content, and readability. We can monitor your users’ time on-sight, your bounce rate and how many sites link to yours. Your website analytics (statistics) greatly affect your rank in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Methods

Using AdWords, social media and blogs are a few of the methods to maximize the effectiveness of your website. AdWords, social media and blogs also point back to your site, showing importance to search engines.

So what does an AdWord campaign have to do with Search Engine Optimization?  AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising tool owned by Google. Read more about it here.  Thousands of people may be exposed to your ads. We have some control over where they are placed.  Search terms we use and exclude can make ads more precisely used.  You can place ads on participating Google Partner sites that appear for your previous visitors, and therefore reminds your visitors of your product or service at any time.  By utilizing various bid methods, and optimizing your pages to make them extremely relevant,  your site may come up at the top of the search page above the organic returns. You only pay for the “click-throughs.” You set your own budget per day, as well as the time to run special ads. The ads can be changed them as often as you like.

The longer people stay at your site, the better Google thinks the site is. The more people visit, the better Google ranks it. The more sites which give you linkbacks, the higher your rank. These linkbacks can be blog links, FaceBook shared links, as well as business Facebook pages.

Other SEO And Usability Factors

Website security is an important feature you need.  We offer SSL Certificates. SSL provides a secure atmosphere for people to interact with your website. Security is also rewarded by Google, therefore it’s a benefit in helping you gain higher search engine listings.

mobile_sizesMobilegeddon was the mobile friendly update to Google’s search algorithm released on April 21, 2015. It changed which sites can go to the top of the list.  More mobile devices are online than ever before. People buy more mobile devices than desktop PCs. Google says searches are starting on mobile devices more often than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. Mobile optimized websites can qualify for the prioritized group, and as a result rise closer to the top on Google.

If you have not been a student of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), leave it in our hands to create a search-engine-friendly website. Our experience will get your site spidered and reviewed frequently. Our goal remains the same: We want our sites ranked high and we want to keep them there.