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Website Hosting and Maintenance

Website hosting back upWebsite hosting is required if you have a website, or want to build one.  Your website needs a dependable and well-appointed place to live — not just any place will do. The dependably of your host determines how easily it will be found. In fact they might also provide security and save expenses on back-ups of your site.

Dependability is the primary consideration when reserving your online address. We utilize services from only the topmost rated for dependability and online “uptime.” This is your fully managed solution to your hosting needs.

Various website hosting packages are available. We offer discount packages for pre-payment, which reduces billing and saves you time as well.

Features offered by your hosting provider are also a major consideration. Which features do you need? Which features will make your site unique and useful? Are there features that will make your site secure?  At Crossroads Publishing we have worked with numerous hosts. Meanwhile we continue to seek the best service providers for our clients. We handle all the details for you.

SSL Certificates

What are SSL Certificates and do you need one?  A Secure Sockets Layer.  Confused?  It’s used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a web browser on a user’s computer and a website. The web address changes from http to https.  Also a green padlock may appear, beside the address, depending on the browser used.  The SSL connection protects sensitive data. This may include data passed through a web form, or credit card information. Therefore it gives your visitors confidence that your site is secure and safe to use.  We provide SSL protection for our web host clients.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is used for creating websites and blogs.  Crossroads Publishing hosts WordPress websites, and offers firewall protection and HackAlert monitoring. WordPress is the most widely used website creation tool online today, and therefore is the most frequent target for malicious break-ins. We provide maintenance updates, as well as back ups of your site should you need a previous version.  Monitoring updates for WordPress is very important to prevent unauthorized access. This service is provided for all our hosting clients.

Email Accounts

With our service you receive unlimited POP or IMAP email accounts, utilizing your You have access to web-based email, so you can use your mail even when you travel. We can also forward your mail to accounts you already have, so you can view all your email in a single area.

Of course you would want your email set up on your cell phone, iPad, and other devices.  We can work with you to get it set up so you can have access to your email wherever you are.

Analytics – Traffic Stats

Some website hosting services provide statistical data about the traffic on your website. We utilize tools such as these. Arguably Google Analytics is the most complete. We can help you analyze what keyword phrases visitors input in the search engines and help you to develop strategies to attract the type of traffic you want.

  • Which pages in your site are visited most often

  • Where your traffic comes from

  • How many are first-time visitors

  • The number of mobile visitors you have

  • How long visitors stay on a page

  • Which search engine spiders have indexed your site

Password Protection

Secure directories are available for pages and data you do not wish to share with the public. Unique passwords can be arranged for you and those with whom you wish to share sensitive information.

Website Maintenance

Another aspect to consider is website maintenance. We can maintain your site, and monitor site health, as well as host it.  Our website hosting and maintenance service rates are reasonable and competitive. As mentioned above, monitoring updates for WordPress is very important to prevent unauthorized access. We monitor and update your program within hours of any new release.

Tech Support

Tech support is a vital part of web hosting. We are here to represent you. Should any issue arise regarding your site or email, we will work to resolve it and stay in touch with you while reporting progress of the resolution. You have better things to do than to baby-sit your web hosting provider, especially when our staff can easily and professionally handle the task for you.